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This season we have teamed up with Mitre United. Most of our teams will be wearing this product. If you would like to order any of the below please contact for further details. All garments with have our club badge embrodory. 

Polo shirt with club badge

Youth £ 17.50

Adult £ 19.90


Hoody with club badge

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Rain Jacket with club badge

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Robert Cooper is our hero

League Chairman, Matt Hardman, presented the League Un-sung hero to Bob Cooper.


"Bob Cooper, Raw marsh St Josephs Club Secretary and Manager for the Eric Service Award.


Bob has been with Rawmarsh St Josephs football club for 27 years now.  Within that time he's fulfilled a number of roles including supporting his two lads through the different age groups.  Last season Bob finished with his under 16's and there was a real clamour for his services throughout the club.  Due to his coaching experience and expertise many thought that Bob should become a club mentor and support each age group in improving coaching standards.  This role would run alongside his responsibilities as Club Secretary.


A lesser, hands off role wasn't for Bob and he fancied a new challenge so took on a role with our new under 11's team.   A squad including a number of lads that hadn't played team football before.  Bob loves a challenge, he's primary focus isn't on winning football matches, scoring lots of goals and winning at all costs.  Bob's focus is on coaching, developing the players and supporting them in being the best players they can be.  Bob training sessions are always well planned, specific to the players development needs, varied and enjoyable.  How Bob deals with each player is a joy and they respond accordingly.


Alongside Bob's managing role he continues as Club Secretary.  A thank less task, especially for a club as big as Rawmarsh St Josephs but Bob approaches it like he does his coaching, with passion and enthusiasm.  


Bob's involvement doesn't stop there.  Bob is a key part of the Sheffield and Hallamshire Coaches Association and talks with a passion about coaching, our (managers) responsibility to the kids to put on good sessions and our commitment to evolve these sessions as the team progresses through the age groups.  Bob puts a lot of time into the Coaches Association, attends the majority of events and is contagious in his passion for improved coaching practices throughout our club.


The respect that Bob has earned in the local community can be demonstrated by an unfortunate incident earlier this year where Bob lost some club money.  Bob, as you would expect from him, wanted to put his hand in his pocket and pay all the money back himself.....even though it was a genuine mistake in the money going missing and no one from the club wanted or expected Bob to pay the money back himself.  Via social media the story broke and filtered around Rawmarsh and the surrounding area and soon people (many ex-players) were pledging donations to the club to recover the lost money.  The pledges weren't from a few, many people came forward and recounted storys going back years on how they knew Bob, how Bob has coached and supported them through our club.  How these people had loved playing for Bob and as a result got the same passion for football as Bob has.  Over the weeks the money lost was recovered in full.  Anyone could have lost the money...but only someone with the reputation of Bob Cooper would result in the response that we witnessed and the money being recovered in full by peoples donations.


Bob's a busy man with his wife, boys and grandsons but he's one of us.  One of the Rawmarsh St Jospephs Family.  One of the Green and White Army and without Bob this great club wouldn't be quiet what it is.  His passion for football, for coaching and his commitment to each kid is why I want to nominate him for this award.  He gives countless hours to this club, to the coaches association and asks for nothing in return.  27 years service...a one man club.  I can't think of anyone that deserves this aware more than our Bob." 

In true style Bob's reply



"Dear Nathan and Matt, after being completely blown away on Tuesday night with Matts impromptu visit and presentation of the Erik Service Memorial Award, I have begun to gather my thoughts to compose this email to both of you.


I am humbled and overwhelmed by your kind and thoughtful gestures to select myself as the recipient of this prestigious award - a mere thank you doesn't tell you how grateful I am for "putting my name in the hat" and being chosen by yourselves, and your hard working committee members, as the person lucky enough to win the "unsung hero" trophy.


It is the players, along the years, that have kept me so interested and focused and I owe them a special mention as it has been a privilege to work with them, in almost thirty years of Grass Roots Football in Europe's finest and most well organised League, they could possibly play in.


Once again many thanks for your unbelievable considerate thoughts - they mean much more to me than you will both realise.


Finally, a comment about the real winner(s) of this award:


(i) Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC a forward thinking club with an extremely supportive committee, that strives for the development of their players without a win at all costs mentality.


(ii) Pauline, my long suffering but incredibly supportive wife who has allowed me to devote so much time to our wonderful players/parents and this "wonderful green and white family club".


Rawmarsh St Joseph's help the local people of Africa


A team representing a Charitable Appeal based at RAF Shawbury in North Shropshire havecompleted 12 days of deliveries of football kit in the slum areas of Kenya in East Africa.

The Taking Football to Africa and Beyond Charitable Appeal is run by Wing Commander Neil Hope MBE, who is based at RAF Shawbury. The Appeal, which operates through the RAF Football Association, delivers ‘Aid through Football’ to the needy across the world. The Appeal, which started in 2006, has delivered over 153000 items to 52 countries worldwide to date. 

The Kenya visit is to allow a diverse group of people to deliver items from the Appeal to the needy in and around Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya in East Africa. A group of 12 Military and Civilians travelled to Kenya on 8th October and made 53 deliveries over 12 days of 15354 items including 4683 football shirts.

The items delivered were donated by football clubs and people from across the United Kingdom and included many items donated by Premier League clubs such as Manchester United and Leicester City, through the Leagues to Grassroots football clubs and County Football Associations.  Many deliveries were made of items donated by Sheffield and Hallamshire CFA, Worcestershire FA, Durham FA, Dorset FA, Hampshire FA, Derbyshire FA amongst others and including their member clubs.

Nearer to home at Shawbury items donated by Shropshire FA, Shrewsbury Town, AFC Telford UtdShawbury Utd and many other teams were also delivered. The deliveries included many of the huge slum areas in Nairobi including Kibera, which is the largest slum town in Africa with over one million people living in an area of less than 3 square kilometreswith no mains electricity, no sewerage system and little running water. The schools are mostly very small corrugated iron buildings which are incredibly hot and have up to 60 children per class. The obvious desire of the children to learn, however, is incredible.

Neil said, ‘I am incredibly proud to have taken this diverse team of 12 on this delivery visit and I am very pleased to have been able to deliver the masses of kit donated by so many clubs and people. The appreciation of the children and adults who receive the kit leaves a lasting impression on everyone who volunteers for these visits.



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