We are looking for new managers

Junior Josephs are looking for two managers to take them into their first season of junior football to play and develop under Rawmarsh St Josephs.  We are currently 20 players wanting to meet their new managers we are happy to play as a double team or two singles.  Our club will ensure you have all the right qualifications to enable us to be safe and developed us at the right speed.  We have great facilities and all the help and support you will need from our club members.  If you are interested please contact us and we will invite you to watch us train and meet us.


Email the club with your name and contact number theclub@rawmarshstjosephsjfc.co.uk

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We would like to thank David Butterfield for being the first company to take the opportunity to advertise on our club house. We hope you are not on your own for long.  We would now like to thanks to treasure Island for being the second company to advertise at the ground. 

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We all like a little Respect don't we??

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